Sunday, April 17, 2016

The 5 Life Lessons I Learnt from Taher Shah

Today, when I woke up in the morning, my Facebook timeline was full of ridiculing comments about Taher Shah’s new song Angel (An-jul). I checked my Twitter (@Ashraf_Chaudhry) and ‪#‎TaherShah‬ was trending at top. I opened YouTube and watched his song till the end.
Today was day of Taher Shah. He has been trending in Pakistan, India and many other countries whole day. Almost 99% tweets and Facebook updates and comments are ridiculing his song, costume, story, lyrics and “richness” of words. But I see Taher Shah with a different perspective. Being a corporate trainer, I learnt 5 lessons from Taher Shah who has provided opportunity to millions of people to ridicule him. Let me share my take with my fans.
1. Never focus on critics, pooh-poohers, ridiculers, lampooners and mockers. Let mockers mock. Let jokers joke. That is all they can do. It is your life. Don’t get discouraged. Mockers don’t pay your bills. Pursue your passion. Don’t look back. Launch yourself and launch ruthlessly.
2. Use jokers, haters and mockers to create word of mouth for you. No publicity is a bad publicity. If BBC does a story on you, you are successful. Corporations pay millions of dollars to get their messages viral and Taher Shah went viral globally without money. So, the Return on Angel is tremendous.
3. Always be confident. You may sing like a crow, you may look like an elephant. But it IS your confidence that takes you to stratospheric heights of popularity. If your product is marvelous but you are suffering from confidemia, even your neighbor may not know about you.
4. Always convert your weaknesses into your strengths. If being “RIDICULOUS” is your weakness, make it your strength; make it your USP (Unique Selling Proposition). Sell it.
5. Sell and merchandise and conquer the world. World is full of failed geniuses. There are thousands of talented scientists, philosophers, teachers, poets and writers whom even their neighbors don’t know. They could not get the world talk about them. Nicola Tesla who has dozens of inventions to his credit but he died in abject poverty. The world belongs to attention grabbers. Corporations set aside billions of dollars to stay in top of mind of people. Controlling mindshare is the real business. Taher Shah did it.


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