Thursday, May 19, 2016

It's All About Karachi University !

University of Karachi emerged as a profound national institution imparting quality education at the higher level When the Karachi University Act was passed in 1950, it was established through parliament as a Federal University in 1951. Later, in 1962 its status was redefined as a University of the province of Sindh. The University was initially housed in a congested compound of a few buildings situated at the old Princes Street near Civil Hospital. Considering the need, the authorities sanctioned a plot located on the Country Club road (now university road) with an expanded area of 1279 acres of land.
Today, University of Karachi is enjoying the status of a thriving and challenging academic community, dedicated to excellence at all levels of higher education and research. This premier institution has emerged as a dynamic place which keeps pace with academic advances and changes in the real world. They have been acclaimed as active yet dedicated members of society who are striving to bring positive change and development in the intellectual mindset of the people of Pakistan. Considering the increasing number of applicants every year, the University initiated its Evening Program in 1995 to deal with the matters pertaining to studies in the evening, including admissions, academics and administration.
At present, the University of Karachi offers BE/BS/Hons, BA/BSc/BBA/BPA(Hons) /BLIS, Masters, M.Phil. and Ph.D. Programs under nine faculties including Faculties of Education, Engineering, Islamic Studies, Law, Management & Administrative Sciences, Medicine, Pharmacy, Science and Social Sciences.
Being an affiliating and examining body, Karachi University has granted affiliation to almost 145 colleges and institutes. It conducts examination of about 1,50,000 students studying in these colleges/ institutes, prepares their results and awards degrees.

University Of Karachi, a institute whose existence is essential for your happiness... -UsmanShabbirMalik!


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