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21 Things You Can Relate To If You Are A Student of Karachi University..

21 Things You Can Relate To If You Are A Student of Karachi University..

________________________________________________: Usman Shabbir Malik
The University of Karachi is HUGE and has all kind of shady rumors about it. People judge me when I tell them I am a KU grad but you know what? Studying at the University of Karachi was the best thing that ever happened to me. It made me a better person, a stronger person and most importantly I have had the best education. I can deal with anything that comes my way!

Here are 21 things you can relate to if you are a student of Karachi University: 

1. The university is so big that it hurts! 
It is like a city within the city. It is a four-or-more year adventurous journey

2. The scorching sun keeps burning your skin. 
Even an umbrella doesn’t help.

3. The idea of walking from Silver Jubliee gate to your department is like a nightmare.
You hate it when they don’t allow rickshaws inside the campus!

4. You literally have to run for your class in the other department because the department is at a distance of 2KM and you have only 5 minutes to reach.

5.You know all the eateries in the university and near the university. 
You have your favourite french fries wala and favourite juice wala and what not

6. You don’t mind walking all the way to Sufi ka dhaaba to have Andaa paratha and a glass of chilled lassi or a cup of chai!

7. You actually thought PG (Prem gali) was the dating spot. 
There may be a lot of secret dating spots in the university but PG is definitely not one of them!

8. You loved the mini Aalo samosas!

9. You can differentiate PG wali cat from the lobby wali cat!

10. You know all the places to look for rescue when a clash between two university youth political parties break out.

11. You have seen all kinds of animals in the campus. 
These were my favourites! It’s like a little zoo you don’t need to pay to visit!

12. You don’t sit with a friend of the opposite gender because you are afraid of the “Moral Police”! 
There is no such thing as “friends” in KU!

13. You have seen how people in university react to political rifts between countries.
Dushman Mulk!
Photo: The US flag painted on the floor near the Arts Lobby, Karachi University. 

14. You know the book fair song by heart! 
Dekhoo Kitaaaab Melaaaaaaa !! 

15. You wait for the Paigham-e-Aman cricket tournament and the football tournament all year because all the classes are called off. 
No classes after 11am. Good news for many, bad news for some! 

16. You pray that none of your exams get postponed. 
Surprised huh? But, really, it’s true! In KU we pray for our exams NOT to be postponed because once an exam is postponed, you keep waiting for another date to be announced!

17. You know that KU is a beautiful sight in the rain 
Only if you stay indoors!

18. You have celebrated Valentine’s day and Hijab day on the same day. 
“Haya ka culture aam banaein!”

19. Going to the Mehmud Hussain Main Library feels like Mountain climbing. 
And this is how it feels like when you’re coming back from the library:

20. You get excited when you see new furniture or a freshly painted wall in the university.
Imagine the excitement for a new building!! 

21. You always thought that the overloaded bus was going to topple any time.

Students of the University of Karachi are the bravest and most hard working! 
If you think we have missed anything, let us know in the comments below! 

Small effort by: Usman Shabbir Malik.


  1. 13th aguest celebrations are not montioned how we are practicing individual celebration. We are not united at the time of independence day celebration then how we will grow up as nation.

  2. The idea of walking from silver, yeah ! It hurts alot !


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