Sunday, August 14, 2016

Clothes Distribution..::

First of all, I would like to pay salam. -Assalam u Alaikum !
One of my friend sent these stitched dresses to me and said that 'yar usman bhaaii, ye bhi meri taraf se apnay hathoun se ghareeboun mai baant dena, meri maa ky liye duaa karwa dena isky badlay..'
People! please uski maa ky liye duaa karein, Allah swt unki maghfirat farmaye, unky darjaat buland farmaye, aur unhen jannat ul firdous mai aawla maqaam ataa farmaye' -Aameen!       

23 stitched suits distributed this week..    
Thanks to my mother for major contribution.. Parents are heaven indeed!
will distribute more in these coming days Insha Allah... ‪#‎BusDuaChahiyeSahib‬

 Stitched dresses for distribution among needy.
May ALLAH accept our donation and make us able to help needy people in future as well. -Aameen.


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