Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Message for Jamia Karachi Students...

Place and Use Dustbins..::
It is said that "A civilized society is recognized by the way it is kept". 
In my point of view the initial step to keep the environment clean is by keeping dustbins in every places and avoid to throw your garbage on grounds or floors and make your environment dirt free. Dustbin are container that are designed for holding waste till it is disposed off or otherwise removed. Unfortunately, Every day I see heaps of garbage in University of Karachi. What is surprising is that dustbins are commonplace almost everywhere in the University, Since the importance of controlling refuse is crucial to whole university. I wondered what we have learned from our institutions? Mostly students don't use dustbin to put waste and garbage. Instead of it they find a new kind of dustbin called the environment. They pollute everything around them.
When will we understand this? why do we pollute so much. why don't we punish ourselves by making our environment polluted? Why we don't use dustbins and present our university dirt free? Using dustbins is an effective way of reducing trash and make your environment clean as well as throwing garbage in a dustbin shows your quality, education and background where we have learned some basic rules of ethics. Neat and clean environment gives a cheerful effect and a sign of civilization. It's our responsibility to keep our institutions clean and develop a civic sense. The standard of living of a student reflects from their cleanliness. Therefore it is very essential to keep the University clean and dirt free so that the environment doesn't affected by any kind of ailment and the beauty of the University remains Alive..!!


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