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Effort by: Usman Shabbir Malik !

Waiting to get accepted into the institute of your choice is probably one of the most stressful and anxiety-inducing situations to be in for all Pakistani students. It can, by all means, be a total nightmare. Here’s everything that you go through when you’re waiting to get admission into any institute:

1) At first, all’s okay

It hasn’t fully hit you yet, so you’re chilling after your exams. Life seems great.
SourceUsman Shabbir Malik

2) There are flashes of anxiety, but you drown them out
You feel like you should be worrying about something, but you quickly replace that thought. Who’s got time to worry, right?
SourceUsman Shabbir Malik

3) Suddenly, the immensity of the situation dawns on you
Suddenly, you remember. You’ve got time to worry. You have all the time in the world to worry. And there’s a lot to be worried about.
SourceUsman Shabbir Malik

4) Panic starts to set in
It hits you hard.
SourceUsman Shabbir Malik

5) Along with a ton of self doubt
You start wondering if you gave your 100% or if you’re even good enough to get accepted.
SourceUsman Shabbir Malik

6) You start thinking about all that you could gave screwed up
You get inside your own head and think about every wrong answer on an entry test or if you smiled wrong in an interview.
SourceUsman Shabbir Malik

7) You pretty much convince yourself ke kuch nahi honay wala
You firmly believe that you will spend the rest of your life at home because you screwed up.
SourceUsman Shabbir Malik

8) You start re-evaluating your choices
You start thinking about how you should’ve kept back up options. And back up options to those back up options.
SourceUsman Shabbir Malik

9) You keep checking for updates
You keep checking for texts, calls, emails or the institute’s website for any form of update.
SourceUsman Shabbir Malik

10) But you only find other people boasting about where they got in
But you’re greeted with statuses about your friends getting accepted everywhere.
Source: Usman Shabbir Malik

11) You start piling on the Nafils

You turn to prayer because, obviously, Allah Maalik.
SourceUsman Shabbir Malik

12) Eventually, you begin calming down
You realize that what has to happen will happen and you just have to make your peace with it, knowing you gave it your best shot.

  SourceUsman Shabbir Malik

If you’re one of those unfortunate Pakistani students who have applied to places and are still waiting to get accepted – good luck. As hard as it is, just keep in mind that wherever you end up, it will be your hard work that will get you through life. Truly, whatever happens, will happen for the best. Hang in there!


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