Sunday, March 12, 2017

Usman Shabbir Malik - a prominent Pakistani philanthropist, social activist, ascetic & humanitarian.

In the era of ultimate ignorance, in the society of people full of selfishness, where rich is becoming richer day by day and the poor is becoming poorer day by day, We see a young guy, with a vision of serving humanity, striving to do more and more for the poor, working hard to get smiles on their faces, Usman Shabbir Malik, is the guy, who is not just a social worker, but known as 'Jamia ka edhi'.
Supporting the needy families on monthly basis, supporting the schools to provide quality education to the one who cannot afford, running an official News group of Karachi University and facilitating 75000+ students, arranging the wedding for the families who are in times of need, these are some glimpses of the kind hearted Man, who himself is a student. Alhamdulillah, he is also Hafiz e Quran and keeps much knowledge about the deen. He has devoted himself for the betterment of society!
In past, he has helped many patients financially. He has got a big fan circle who respond to his call every time an announcement is made, be that of any wedding case, regarding any patient, or any student who is unable to pay his / her fee.
Furthermore, he keeps a very kind and gentle heart for the Orphans. Has organized various trips to orphanages with the varsity students who spent time with the little angels and distributed gifts among them. He is always concerned about the bright future of these little angels.
Moreover, he regularly holds the food distribution campaign specially for the little poor children and old aged uncles and aunties roaming in the streets of Karachi, specially outside the universities and markets. Another achievement for the admirable Man, is, his successful campaign of planting trees in the city of Karachi. In the city where authorities, whosoever, are busy in the cutting of trees, He along his team planted the trees in various parts of Karachi.
Few years Back, The city of Karachi experienced heat waves during the month of Ramazan which took so many precious lives away, Mr Usman has the satisfaction of working for the victims of heat wave at various public Sector hospitals.
Any calamity, discouragement or disappointment can never come into his way, he has and InShaAllah will always work with full enthusiasm, warmth, Energy and spirit for the betterment of society!
May Allah SWT accept his all the sacrifices and grants him success in Dunya as well as in Aakhirah!



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