Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Usman Shabbir Malik #JamiaKhiKaEdhi #KU_K_Junior_Edhi_Sahab

Watu Izzu Mantasha.
Watu Zillu Mantasha.
Beshak woh jisay chahay Izzat dey aur jisay chahay zillat dey. #Alhamdulillah...😘😍🎊
A man of words, a good teacher and mentor, a person who loves humanity, a Great Muslim, a Great Pakistani who lives on Earth, a person with tolerance, a person who has thousands of friends, fans and students, a person who give help, info, guidance, path for free to students, a person who believe that, teaching how to caught fish is better than giving fish. Meet him he is Usman Shabbir Malik, the best person ever.
May Allah give you more strength . Stay Blessed 😇. great achievement  .  👌👌👍👍
#Usman Shabbir Malik #JamiaKhiKaEdhi #KU_K_Junior_Edhi_Sahab!!!! Many many many Congratulations #UsmanBhai . 


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